Perpetual Care Fund

Part of the interment fees go towards the Sunshine Cemetery’s Perpetual Care Fund. This fund ensures that long-term care, maintenance and landscaping are carried out to the highest standards.

In addition, there is a Monument Perpetual Care Fund with fees varying with the type and size of the monument. This fund is used for the ongoing care of monuments such as leveling of upright or flat markers.

All plots fees include a mandatory contribution for the first interment, and each additional interment in the same plot requires further contribution to this fund. Fees vary according to whether it is a casket or cremation interment.

You may place a landscape request if you have an issue with an interment site (i.e. sunken grave or unleveled monument). To place a landscape request, please contact the office. The Sunshine Cemeteries is not responsible for the replacement of monuments that are deteriorating or vandalized.

All cemeteries are governed by the Cemeteries Act, 1999 which states that all cemeteries composed of 12 or more plots must establish a trust fund. Only the income from this fund can be applied to the maintenance costs, while the principle must remain untouched.

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