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Planning Ahead

By planning your own final rituals well in advance, you’ll take the stress and financial burden from your family. When you pre-plan with Sunshine Cemeteries, you are eligible for several valuable benefits, including the Perpetual Care Program, which ensures a beautifully maintained resting place.

Savings: Today’s lowest price in town offers savings worth thousands of dollars
Loved ones: No financial burden on your loved ones at the time of distress
Options: Respecting your Needs, Wishes, Budget, and Guaranteed satisfaction
Confidence: Securing the final ritual plans for the most unexpected time of your life

More and more Canadian families are preparing for the future with careful estate planning, legal Wills and RSPs. Pre-planning final arrangements is the logical next step, but is often overlooked even though the need for funeral and cemetery services is an absolute and unavoidable fact of life.

Completing your final arrangements today makes sense financially and emotionally. By acting now, you can discuss the options openly with family in a relaxed environment with clarity of mind. Loved ones will not be burdened with added responsibilities at their time of distress. You can even choose details for the ceremony as a personal expression that honours your heritage and individuality in a lasting way, and comforts those you leave behind.

What’s more, pre-arrangement fees are frozen at today’s low prices, so the sooner you plan the more money you can save.

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